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Skincare-It's My Passion. It's in My Genes

A Tribute to My Loving Mother

My mother Otilia was a woman ahead of her time. "No te vallas asolear"-the translation-"Don't get excessive sun!" She would lecture me day in and day out from the time I was a little child. Because I was so obedient, I avoided unnecessary sun exposure throughout my life. Growing up in the 1950's we knew nothing about sunscreen. My sage mother who had beautiful skin until the day she died at the age of 91 knew instinctively of the devastating effects of prolonged sun exposure. Thank you, mamacita!

As I grew into my teens, she would say, "Always keep your face looking nice. When you sit across the breakfast table from your husband some day, he will appreciate your beautiful skin." I was probably the only 13-year old using Pond®'s cold cream!!

A spiritual woman, my mom read her Bible daily and engaged me in her study. She was just as religious about her skin care and read routinely to me from her "secret beauty bible." The professional advice that she received from skin care experts in the late 1920's does not differ much from what we hear today.

"That book" was written circa "The Great Depression" as is depicted in its artwork.. It was one of the few guarded priceless possessions that she brought with her when we emigrated from Mexico in 1951-a book she would share only with her two daughters. Even her closest friends were not privy to the priceless information! The following are excerpts from the book written in Spanish:

"This 'Beauty Manual' has been written to offer women the secret to overcoming the fear of aging and a way to overcome its effects. By following step by step the advice in this manual, you will help your face and body to conserve its youth.

We have come to an era in which cosmetics are indispensable and we can consider them a necessity.

From ages 16 to 20, the skin is at the peak of its beauty. It is thin, translucent and bursting with freshness. But this youth eludes quickly, and the freshness begins to disappear. The glands start to fail to supply the skin with necessary oil or on the contrary they begin to supply in excess. Fortunately, for all these disasters that aging brings to a woman's face, science has given us many innovations. Knowing how to take advantage of them, one will never be scared by the mirror, our friend, who with great tact tells us the truth. We can proudly say that our products have taken advantage of that science to offer to women excellent skin care."
So, I thank my mother for the passion instilled in me. Yes, her "book" was correct. Many strides have been made. Today the technologies that battle aging intrigue me. However, my mom would never know how the passion she instilled has expanded. Today I have yet other passions besides the battle against aging--to educate others about the health of their skin and to help those who battle with the physical and emotional scars of acne and other potentially disfiguring skin conditions. So today I bring together my passion and my knowledge with that of many excellent skin care experts, dermatologists and other physicians who have trained me to help others protect the largest organ we each possess-our skin.

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